RiverDoc mobile app solves the challenge that employees of Riverbed Technology and many other companies face every day:

“How to access and share documents in the Salesforce Libraries while on the road without a laptop?"

Every day, on the average, sales reps spend 60 minutes waiting. They wait in line at a coffee shop. They wait for a train. They wait for a customer running late. They wait in the airport check security lines. What if they could use the waiting time (instead of wasting it checking Facebook ☺) to read the latest product datasheet, learn about pricing updates or simply share a Powerpoint presentation with the prospect from their iPad? RiverDoc makes sales reps as productive on the go as they are at the office.

RiverDoc app is equipped with a Least Recently Used (LRU) cache that stores most frequently used documents directly on the mobile device. With RiverDoc sales reps can browse, view and search Salesforce Libraries documents even when they are offline (on a 6 hours coast-to-coast flight). Once they get online again, they simply pull-to-refresh to discover new documents. Sales reps can also instantly share the documents via email, Airdrop, Facebook or Twitter. Or cut and paste a feature description and quickly answer a customer request.

RiverDoc app is built with mobile SDK for iOS. It uses Salesforce REST API to connect to Salesforce document repository. The connection is secured with OAuth.

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