A nine year olds challenge with the quarantine; being away for her school community and other many activity as well as her difficulties with family dynamics.

What it does

Provides a voice for a young child to view the positive dynamics resulting from the covid 19

How I built

The story was build in collaboration with children,family, and friends.

Challenges I ran into:

Physical distance from the people working on the project. The actual submission process was challenging. We had to get technical support from one of the project manager, Valasar. He was great!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

The will to persevere.

What I learned

The value of solitary, embracing and valuing the contributions of all citizens, and the joys and complication of working separately, as a team.

What's next for Two Chairs, a Window and Two Cups of Tea.

Second story focusing on the role of nature in suntanning physical, emotion, and mental health.

Built With

  • english
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