Around the world, people are living longer thanks to modern science and engineering. Thus, the age gap between the population is increasing. As a person ages, their sense of purpose begins to decline or stops altogether once they retire from the workforce or can no longer perform physically intense activities. Much like fresh college graduates, the aging population may think, "What now?" after accruing so much knowledge and wisdom that only comes with experience, lifelong lessons and indispensable tips are waiting to be shared with and implemented by the younger generations.

What it does/What was the potential scope

Geared primarily towards the aging population, Two Cents would give them the chance to share their opinion or advice on anything in life, such as analyzing a math problem to zesting a lemon to anyone curious on an interest or hobby via Q&A on topics they may have special interest or passion about. The possibilities of what advice could be shared depends only on the person who can give their input. While the platform would not bar younger people from answering or connecting with others, the older population, based on age at sign-up, would be favored in answering questions proposed by anyone in that special interest they chose during sign up.

To avoid questions being forever unanswered, a time limit to answer would be given before deferred to someone else to answer. When posed with a question, the person would be able to accept or decline if they wanted to answer a question in case they do not feel they have an authority on the topic at hand. After a question is answered, a window would pop up on the person who asked the question's page whether or not they would want to add the answerer as a friend to continue further discussion. A friend system would also be implemented in case people wanted to add people immediately. A chat with a random person on a certain topic would also be implemented.

How we built it

  • Integrated angular, express through node.js to create along with frontend components using html and css to host our website
  • Used MySQL and mongodb to integrate frontend features with our backend database.
  • Began working on an Android app with goals of integrating our website platform with mobile capabilities

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating backend database with user creation on the front end. Also reflecting features on the website with a locally hosted server.
  • Becoming familiar with frontend and using different frameworks in order to integrate our platform data with our website features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Flushing out ideas for a more concrete plan and communicating with the clients on the sort of goals or ideas that they were expecting. -Successfully linked some sort of database using mongodb with mySQL server and JS frameworks such as express and angular -In the process of integrating an Android app with our website as one of our unique features

What we learned

  • Exposed frontend components and how both frontend and backend work in terms of maintaining websites or other online platforms
  • Learned how to use Android Studio to build an app for our platform

What's next for Two Cents (a platform to connect people of all ages.)

Continue to integrate our features mentioned in our scope and vision of our platform with our backend servers, and also maintain development of our app in hopes of integrating both platforms together.

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