Our team was inspired by our own diverse tastes in music. On our ride from Alabama to Auburn we spent a majority of our drive arguing over what songs to play next. We decided to spend our Hackathon developing an application for a more peaceful drive home.

What it does

Two Birds One Tone allows two users to sign into a Spotify account, each select a playlist, and create a merged playlist based on the songs shared between the two playlists.

How I built it

Our front end was developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our back end was developed using Python Flask. Our front end works to interface with the user while the back end uses Python Flask to access the Spotify API and process playlists.

Challenges I ran into

Our team ran into a huge challenge trying to validate the API access token and transfer the info we received to our front end. We spent a majority of our time trying to debug this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to build a very clean front end with some functional back end.

What I learned

Our team went from knowing nothing about front end or back end development to building a functional website. As a team, we learned HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Python Flask.

What's next for Two Birds One Tone

We would like to expand the versatility of music services supported. We plan on expanding to support Apple Music and Googel Play Music.

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