Nowadays all over the world people struggle for healthcare and even more if you're a foreign person in a different country. TimberWolves Medical App (TWMA) is inspired to help people with easy, common, and simple cures for everyday illnesses.

What it does

TWMA is a app for kids and adults that have common illnesses. TWMA gives you the treatment to cure or help treat those illnesses in a english and spanish voice recorded sounds.

How we built it

TWMA was built using the Mit app inventor.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to find a layout for our application that would work without crashing the app. We tried several different layouts but the app ended up crashing due to the 5mb storage limitation of MIT App Inventor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building our first app and seeing the final results as a functional app that can help people.

What we learned

We learned that you do not need a professional degree to build a app. As we brainstormed we realized that we knew much more about app development than what we thought we knew.

What's next for TWMA

Being introduced to MIT App inventor has exposed us to app development. TWMA is planning to add several updates in the future. One update will include adding a GPS tracking system that helps the user locate the nearest hospitals or emergency room nearest to them. As well as adding more treatments and illnesses. Finally we will add pictures of products that help you treat the problems or illness.

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