A YouTuber called Aaron Jack automates different social media with Selenium. I've followed his tutorials for Tinder and Instagram, and I challenged myself to do it with Twitter.

What it does

This program can login and scrape tweets from Twitter.

How I built it

I built this program with Visual Studio 2019, Python, and Selenium Webdriver for MSEdge. I give many credits to Aaron Jack link, and the Selenium Python API link.

Challenges I ran into

The program is fairly limited because I am scraping using web elements. This creates a mess of unwanted data that took many trial and error fixes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to scrape tweets! I am also proud I figured out how to clean the data significantly.

What I learned

I learned that scraping through web elements is extremely tedious. I would love to learn more about how the Twitter API really works instead of piecing together a bare bones application.

What's next for TwitterScraperBot with Selenium

The applications for this program are small now. Ideally, I can user this scraper to analyze twitter sentiment on market prices, and visualize how twitter affects the next day's prices. I was to continue developing this program, I would add a framework like Flask, and a frontend, to make this program easier to use for non-developers.

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