The power and impact of social media in today's world inspired us to do an analysis of people's tweets. We were curious to see how the sentiments of an individual fluctuated over time and reflected through his or her tweets.

What it does

TwitterRX lets you input anyone's twitter handle and then shows you the negativity/positivity of their most recent tweets. (-1 being negative, +1 being positive)

How we built it

Python/Flask, Text-Processing Sentiment Analysis API, D3.js, HTML/CSS

Challenges we ran into

Getting over the hurdle of OAuth with the Twitter API Learning D3.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built the app with technologies we had never used before, and we learned good practices for debugging, parsing, and patience.

What we learned

Flask, D3, how to use AJAX

What's next for TwitterRx

More tweets to parse through, more accurate sentiment analysis

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