TwitterNovel is a crowdsourced new media novel, narrated through Twitter hashtags. [Postmodernism at its finest.]

Anyone can participate. The novel will be written one line (or, rather, one tweet) at a time, via hashtags. It will be updated live in a branching tree (from left to right) on the #TwitterNovel website. And it can only be written collaboratively (#themorethemerrier).

Unlike traditional novels, there are multiple narrative possibilities. All will be recorded as separate branches of the Tweet Tree. This means that the novel can be read, and reread, many different times.

Multiple novels can be published on the website. Every novel will have a launch date and a close date, after which a new novel can be initiated (or even two at a time). We provide the first tweet. The rest is up to the Twittersphere.

To contribute to the novel, users have to follow these rules:

  1. Click on the latest tweet in the Tweet Tree that they wish to continue from (there many be multiple options if the story has branched).
  2. Sign into Twitter, if they aren't signed in already.
  3. Reply to the user who authored the latest tweet that they clicked on. Make sure they do not delete the first @username that automatically populates the tweet. Delete any subsequent @usernames that appear. (The website will not display the @usernames, but it needs them to be able to link tweets in sequential order.)
  4. Add #htn #[insertnoveltitlehere] to the beginning of the tweet. (This exact formatting must be followed, as the website will only publish tweets beginning with a specific sequence of hashtags.)
  5. Wait at least 5 minutes before posting again. Users cannot reply to one of their own tweets (but they can reply to someone who has replied to one of their tweets).
  6. Be bold. Take the plunge. And enjoy the ride!

This platform can be applied to many different genres, including poetry, short stories, recipes, and more. Anything is possible.

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