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Violence against women in Mexico has been a serious problem since long ago. Nonetheless, ever since the pandemic started, the number of domestic violence tripled. Nowadays, 11 women are murdered in Mexico each day, this does not only represent a number, but the lives of human beings.

As a team, we felt the need to contribute with our skills and the technologies that we have access to. #TwitterForWomen is a project that consists on a bot which purpose is to help women that suffer of domestic violence. Our solution consists on a bot that can be reached via DM in Twitter by the woman or by someone else (e.g a neighbour or friend). It will ask for the location of the location and with it, our bot will reply with the name, phone number and email of a civil association based in the same state which has as purpose helping women that suffer this type of violence.

What's next for TwitterForWomen

  • setting up a proper Twitter page to run the bot so that people can DM that account
  • Building out its full functionality and speaking to organisations across Mexico about how this bot can help them achieve their goals
  • Implement connection between the bot and the database

Challenges we've now learnt from

Time management, async/remote coordination, and the learning curve

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