Inspiration: n/s

How it works: Front End: type in a word or phrase and see how the last 100 people tweeting with that word or phrase in their tweet felt about it.

Back End: Uses node.js and attaches to Firebase to continuously gather tweets with selected word/phrase.

Challenges I ran into: So many challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: It works!

What I learned: How to apply firebase (in some applications). How to use node.js (a little).

What's next for Twitterfeels: It'd be cool to segregate it based on time and monitor how sentiments are changing about a subject or idea over time. Also, it'd be interesting to have it produce meaningful answers to questions based on the sentiments. (i.e. what is your favorite superpower, twitter tweeters? twitter gathers all information of people tweeting about superpowers and answers: it's be great to have the superpower to turn everything into chocolate!)

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