I created this project for the Hack'20 hackathon. It uses wolfram and a classifying AI to detect sentiment in the user's twitter feed. This would help in quarantine because we don't get to see how our friends are doing anymore. With this application, you could accomplish this with a few clicks.

I Almost called this project Musk Sentiment Detector(Due to the default value of my user), but really wanted users to be able to input their friend's usernames and find out how they are feeling. I was able to accomplish this, however, it is not exactly how I envisioned it.

The program I have here is built using wolfram. I loved this new notebook-style programming and being new to it learned as much as I could to be successful. I could not get my AI to work on the wolfram cloud and so I converted it to a simple one and done input. If I had more time I wanted to add a control loop and create a more friendly user interface, but I worked on this project for as much time as I had. It was really fun. I will continue to work with this application until I have what I originally envisioned.

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