What is your idea and/or what problem are you solving?

We designed a website to do sentiment analysis, analysis of user's general feeling, on Tweets from Twitter. We felt that social media analysis is an emerging field of data science and feel there is immense value in understanding its impact on the flow of information. We have attempted to aid in the understanding of social media through this website.

By this point, we feel that it is self-evident that the internet and social media are fundamental changes to the way people communicate their feelings. This influx of newly available information provides exciting opportunties for companies to monitor and measure social trends. From a practical perspective, being able to analyze the penetration and reception of ideas and emerging trends on social media allows for prompt and appropriate responses. Specifically from a tech company perspective, this potentially provides the ability to better understand human communication and current trends which can lead to new models for the purposes of machine learning.

We made this website in nodejs, using Express to set up a server and HTML to host the Javascript elements. The Javascript communicates with Twit and Twitter API to get Tweets, processes them for sentiment using AFINN, and provides the data on a canvas in P5.

  • What is the most valuable thing you've learned during the Hackathon?

We learned to work together as a team, dividing a large project into roles such as Front and Back ends and communicating within these roles in order to communicate each part's individual needs to complete the pieces and to combine the partitioned sections of the project. In order to better do this, we learned to use Github to distribute new versions and propose changes to the existing architecture. Because our experience prior to this Hackathon comprised mainly of C++, all of us were required to learn Javascript and HTML for the purposes of constructing the final product.

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