My early childhood from k-8.

What it does

A game where you input a twitter user, you get a bunch of tweets and you guess if the tweet belongs to your correct user.

How I built it

Twitter API, vanilla javascript, and a dash of flask and python for routing the server.

Challenges I ran into

I learned that you cannot reliably run javascript API calls through the browser to the Twitter API. So You need some kind of server to manage the requests. Cross Site Scripting is like bad news and you can't do it reliably, at least Twitter API will not let you do it. AKA It's probably not going to work right now, but at least it's pretty?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The guy who worked at twitter also admitted to me that he thinks the twitter docs are low-key trash too, so I'm proud I even got a response with Postman.

What I learned

A bit of api nonsense, I actually learned some React JS too.

What's next for twitter-picker

Rebuild it in ReactJS. Probably add some more user help/validation to the input. A nice sidebar with trending tweets to give the user some ideas.

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