Short Version: Twitter Beefs... But really I was looking for something interesting to do with all the tweets we send each day and thought "wouldn't it be great to derive some insights about a user's personality from their tweets"?

What it does

This report will use linguistic analytics from tweets to infer personality and social characteristics, including Big Five (Personality), Needs, and Values. Try it out yourself and see how accurate the insights are!

How I built it

Using PHP, Twitter, and IBM-Watson

Challenges I ran into

I started the project later than I would've liked and so rushed to complete / get it done on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Practiced OOP and did a significant bit of TDD on this app.

What I learned

Start earlier, and TDD best practices.

What's next for Twitter Personality Analysis

Better data visualization, and any features people are asking for.

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