My project: Twitter Home Hacks was designed to make simple things in life, even simpler. By connecting your arduino to different electrical appliances in your house with a bit of wire, you can modularly expand this ecosystem throughout. The system allows you to control them all through Twitter via your device of choice with your “smart-building’s” own account and its interaction with the computer in yourbuilding. It’s an efficient, modular, “smart-building” system that uses an, already popular, social media service as its user interface. This makes it accessible anywhere that you have access to the internet and Twitter; and with today’s smartphone, data plans, that means it is virtually accessible anywhere. Along with this, it is made with only a few simple bits of hardware, making it cheap.

The display I have today is just a small demonstration of the ability of the Twitter Home Hacking system. Here I have an “On and Off” LED attached to my arduino to simulate any appliance that would only have two outputs (such as a lamp or a fan, i.e. On and Off). I also have a “dimmer” light attached, to simulate something such as an air conditioning unit, that gradually changes. For example if I tweet “#Hot” in some variation, the green LED dims. Another example is if I tweet “#LightOn”, the white LED powers on.

I learned so much about Hackathon 2016 and I hope to return next year with a team and ready to win!

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