My itch to explore the new and improved Chat apps came after the latest push from the Google Workspace team showcasing the amazing bots apps and use cases they were able to build — more specifically, I was interested in link previewing.

What it does

It shows interactive link previews when a Twitter user profile or a Tweet link is shared — we can like a tweet or follow a user, right from inside the preview.

How we built it

This app is built totally inside the realm of Google Workspace, using Google Apps Script. The entire codebase is open sourced and can be accessed using this link

Challenges we ran into

I started de/re-constructing the GitHub app and the more I dug deep, the more I was curious about getting multiple users engage with the same card components but while using their own credentials. Here's what I was thinking from a use case POV —

Single space. Multiple users. Say, if User1 were to share a link to a specific repo (which they'd already starred), it would unfurl allowing the rest of the users to star it (using their own GitHub account). Now, if User2 were to click on the Star button — what is it that User1, User2 and the rest of the users get to see?

This (weird) obsession took me to multiple places — at times, questioning if something was a bug or a feature, my own sanity, documentation et. al 😅 Finally wrapped my head around many of these concepts, much of which were already documented (I just needed to piece them together) and that's when I switched to building similar actions but for Twitter (ex: liking a tweet, following a user) — all within the realm of link unfurling!

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