Fantasy league game addicts, here is a game for you with a small twist!!! Ever thought of pitting sports players against each other on Twitter?? That is what our game is about! We have created a fantasy team based on professional sports players you choose from a particular sport and it accordingly checks their mentions on twitter for a game span of 30secs within an interval of 2secs each. You will have a wide variety of sports to select varying from football, basketball, baseball and soccer. Having fun playing the game? Why stop there? Our app allows you to stream the video of your game live into your Facebook page so that the rest of your friends can see your scores.

What it does

The game allows you to pick 3 players from the list of professional players in the app, you have options to choose from many players in each sport. Once the players are chosen, you then enter a game room to compete with your opponent. The game then counts the number of times your players in the team has been tweeted about for a span of 30secs in a 2secs interval. So bear in mind while choosing your players, maybe the most controversial player might be your best bet!!!

How I built it

We created a NodeJS application that opens a stream with twitter public feed API and tracks the mentions of the individual players. We used ionic coupled with socket-io to create the multiplayer game aspect.

Challenges I ran into

We tried to use the FB Live API to broadcast our game as it was going on, but met difficulties with pushing the video frames from the mobile device to FB live stream.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In a short amount of time, we created a multiplayer game working with Twitter Streams.

What's next for Twitter Fantasy League

We will incorporate the live stream feature.

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