Everyone on the team is a fan of something with some presence on the internet. During these Covid times, everyone has seen how the internet became the main tool for communication. Because of this, we have joined more communities and met new people through these fandom communities.

On Twitter, we have experienced looking for information by the fandom through Twitter. Sometimes, this becomes a difficult experience because sometimes the tweets the fandom creates are spread through different hashtags or different topics, making it difficult to be up to date on what is happening.

What it does

We created a platform with the main objective to join the fandoms' information even if it is spread through different topics, words, or hashtags. This way, as a user, I can learn and interact with the fandom in different ways, but without looking out for all the information through different topics on Twitter.

How we built it

We created a web server using Python+Flask, using a SQL database (SQLite) to store some information, like the hashtags related to a specific fandom. We used the flask template engine (Jinja) for constructing what the final users will see for the front end. And clearly, we used the Twitter API as our main tool for retrieving the tweets we needed for our fandom site.

Challenges we ran into

Everyone in the team is currently in school, some of us are in finals, so having the hackathon simultaneously as final exams and projects became a challenging situation because we had to organize all our activities to do everything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked a lot under pressure, having exams and school projects at the same time as this hackathon. Also, we are proud of learning about the Twitter API.

What we learned

All the team members learned a lot about how the Twitter API works. There were some that it was their first time using flask or SQL in python, so it was their opportunity to learn about it.

What's next for Twitter-Fandom

Our current plan is to present this project at the Twitter Hackathon 2020, so we can obtain feedback and keep upgrading our features, hoping to expand to plenty of communities with new capabilities in the site, such as being able to filter what hashtags they can see, so they're able only to find certain pieces of their select fandom if they so desire. Another implementation in our plans is to filter spam-like or inappropriate tweets, so we can have a family-friendly environment for all ages without having to worry about what we're showing in the fandom collections.

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