We thought about what we knew, and we used ruby and a twitter API in first year and thought about projects we could do with that. We thought it would be really cool to be able to compare how a city is feeling at that moment with others using emojis.

What it does

it takes in a location from a user, and uses twitter API feature to find tweets given from that location that includes emojis. We then analyse those tweets and judge the overall mood of a large batch of tweets and give back the user an octocat image representing that mood that our wonderful artist drew.

How we built it

We used ruby for the backend twitter and sinatra for the web pages. We used JSON to make calls to google to translate the city to coordinates and get the city's image.

Challenges we ran into

Getting codio to recognise emojis and a LOT of trouble parsing the JSON information to give us something useful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually making something after initial hours of frustration from a different project.

What we learned

someone really needs to make identifying errors caused by a missing letter or bracket way waaaay easier...

What's next for twitter emoji

expand the mood algorithm and include more moods!

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