We thought it would be really cool if there was a program that could scan tweets of your favorite Twitter friends or celebrities and helps you discover music that everyone is listening to!

What it does

It scans tweets of a twitter user, pulls out all the hashtags and then creates a playlist and adds songs that match the list of hashtags to your newly created playlist.

How we built it

We used the Twitter API and Spotify API in a Node.js module.

Challenges we ran into

Problems with asynchronous requests causing random ordering. Also we had problems with authorization when using Twitter and Spotify's APIs. Lastly we had a little bit of trouble with integration because all 3 of us worked on different pieces and had to put them together in the end and make them work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This whole project! Being able to scan tweets, and being able to create Spotify playlists, search for songs, and add them to a playlist.

What we learned

Learned two different APIs in one day as well as JavaScript, Node.js, and Express.js.

What's next for Twitify

We want to work on making the code more sophisticated using machine learning so it can actually scan tweets to find song titles, albums, artists, or lyrics, and then use these to create a playlist that is a more accurate representation of the tweeter's interests.

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