What it does

Bomb Squad is an asymmetric bomb defusal game played over Twitch with with two phases. First a period where the audience gets to vote on which wire they want to arm. The most popular wires are armed and the chat can see which two wires will explode the bomb. In the second phase the streamer chooses a wire to cut based on clues and misdirection from the chat. The audience wins if the bomb explodes and the streamer wins if the bomb is disarmed.

How I built it

Bomb squad was built using vanilla JavaScript and JQuery UI and Dockerized Go in the AWS ECS back end. The servers consists of two main applications a front facing triage server and a back end game server. The triage servers handle session independent functions like serving assets and doing authentication. The game servers handle actual game data like voting. Connections to the game servers are handled through triage servers. The game server assignment and locking is handled through an AWS ElastiCache Redis instance. When implemented the purchase of game credits and lifetime licenses will be handled from both triage and game servers in an AWS Aurora database. The user interface aligns audience only interactions with the streamed content for a seamless integrated experience. Vanilla JavaScript was chosen for the simplicity of the user interactions.

What's next

Bomb Squad was scoped to be experimental to get a feel for the platform. There are still many improvements planned for the future. Those include:

  • Bits support
  • Additional graphics work
  • Sounds
  • Button position configuration
  • Engagement metrics in the live configuration panel
  • AI (autoplay) mode
  • Manual vote timer
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