Our team wanted to create an impactful extension for artist wanting to sell their artwork and equipment via Twitch. We began by interviewing artist selling their products at the TwitchCon exhibition. After interviewing over 4 artist we began to notice a recurring issue with their experience using extensions to sell their products. Finally, we decided to validate this issue with not just the streamers, but the consumers (viewers). We interviewed more people who were actually buying the artwork and discovered there was a need for easier product promotion on the twitch extension market.

What is our Extension?

We developed a Video Component extension that allows streamers to upload a group product images/links to be displayed on the bottom of their stream in a gallery format. When a viewer clicks on the image of the product the image is transformed into a QR code for that links them to a purchase page. Streamer Streamers have the ability to control the products that are displayed at the bottom of their stream for viewers to interact with. Viewers The audience watching a stream with Product Flip enabled can interact with the streamers uploaded products.

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