Team Name: Sac(k)

PilBot: Your Daily Dose


## Inspiration

We wanted to connect top gaming news directly to the relevant game stream to enhance the experience. We also wanted to make a fun chat bot that provides quality content :)

## What it does

Our twitch chat bot broadcasts hot, relevant topics from sub-Reddit of the game that the streamer is playing.

## How we built it

Python and determination.

## Challenges we ran into

  • blocking all of SDHacks IPs, so we could not send chat messages to channels.
  • SDHacks internet being really slow.
  • Learning Python syntax and connecting to the socket.
  • Learning how to use's chat bot API in order to get the streamer's game and also to send and receive messages to the chat.
  • Learning how to use PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) for searching the streamer's game subreddit and getting the threads.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made something that works the way its supposed to :) We also installed pip and praw.

## What we learned

We learned Python, how to connect to a socket, how to install and use APIs, how to access JSON objects, how irc works.

## What's next for PilBot

Fun and chat interactive emoticon clouds (like word cloud, but with pictures) User chat commands (such as !poll and !songs)

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