The 'afk' (away from keyboard) sight during a streamer's need to excuse themselves from the screen momentarily is often boring and blank for the viewer and discourages interaction between the streamer and their fanbase. The collaborative and commemorative solution to this is twitch-throwbacks which we created to line up with SirSlaw and BanzaiBaby's challenges as well as take a community trip down memory lane...

What it does

With the click of a button from a customized administration panel, streamers can display the interactive 'twitch-throwbacks' which recollects popular snippets of steamer's desired clips and allows for support of other streamers through feature clips. These clips are interchanged based on meme popularity reactions from viewers.

What's next for twitch-throwbacks

Following the TwitchCon Hackathon, we look forward to implementing deeper insight into the reactions feature, particularly tieing into how that interacts with adding other streamer's snippets.

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