This project built by David Schwartz and myself.


Botnik Studios is a comedy/satire website which uses a predictive text keyboard to generate hilarious documents based on some prior source, like television scripts, books, advertisements, etc.

What it does

Twitch Plays Botnik is a streaming tool that allows an irc chat to input word selections to a streamed predictive text generator. Going to the twitch link allows the stream chat as a whole to create their own funny, perhaps non-sensical stories.

How we built it

The project we forked from had a working IRC bot, and we adjusted the controls, commands, stream set-up, etc.

Challenges we ran into

There were problems all along the way - turns out using python to press shift is hard.

What's next for Twitch Plays Botnik

A better UI, more commands, and more interesting things to do with the generated text.

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