I thought it would be very interesting if there was Twitch integration, both for the casual user to keep up to date on their favorite streamers and for their favorite streamers to streamline the management of their channels.

What it does

Sadly not much,

How we built it

Slowly and over a couple of evenings, cross-referencing the Twitch API with the Coda documentation to get a working product.

Challenges we ran into

Primarily with the OAuth2 implementation and the sync tables, some issues that I could not solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a working sync table with working urls and thumbnails.

What we learned

Lots about API usage and OAuth2 as well, makes far more sense now and Coda's automatic usage of it is very useful.

What's next for Twitch Pack Integration

I would want to implement what I was working on in regards to getting the current user's stream schedule.

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