We wanted to experiment with the idea of Twitch Plays. What if Twitchs plays a guy where they need to work together to defeat two smaller two (One-two people). Can a mass amount of people work together and decide what the best moves?

In our current hack, we have Oculus and Leap Motion with Twitch to play a game of Jenga. This is our first time working with these technology and this is also Kevin and Sri first hackathon.

What it does

A player can move around and use their hands to pick a block to remove. There's a Twitch turn where the game takes the chat and count up the votes and the majority vote removes the corresponding block.

How I built it

We used unity 5 and c#

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot trouble with Oculus since one of our laptop's graphic card did not support it and another one only worked on extended mode. We also had trouble getting the Twitch user input.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having the individual components work and having to play with these new technology

What I learned

There's still a lot of room for VR and the Leap motion. We also learned that an game that integrate with Twitch's chat is possible.

What's next

Clean up the code and develop an actual game around it. There's still a lot of things we want to do with it.

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