I love my favorite streamers, but sometimes I don't like listening to their background music. I would love an option where I can keep their commentary and gameplay sounds, but mute their background music (without muting background music to other viewers who may enjoy it)

What it does

The current iteration splits the music audio into a separate stream and provides the data to the viewer end.

How I built it

I heavily used web sockets for real time communication between multiples clients and hosts. I ended up using the twitch embedded player, because I wasn't in time for signing up for the extensions API (though, my app is easily pluggable to the extensions api)

Challenges I ran into

Real time is hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to get a working product

What I learned

Twitch has a very robust system

What's next for Twitch-Audio-Split-Stream

One of the Twitch Engineering managers mentioned how this is applicable to the LCS, and I totally agree. Imagine if instead of toggling background music, you can now toggle different commentators, or even in game sounds vs commentators... the ideas are endless for audio split streaming.

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