What if the Big Bad Wolf didn’t eat Grandma? Ever wished your favourite fairy tale ended differently?

Our inspiration were Choose Your Own Adventure Books or Pick-a-path series. We love those stories and always wanted to move them into digital world - adding professional voice acting, music and sound effects.

We’ve been blown away by the feedback from children and parents from our smartphone app. Many parents suggested that we should make an Alexa version of it. So, here we are ;)

Dr Jannie van Hees from the New Zealand Council for Educational Research calls the Twisted Tales “an admirable concept”. “Children love Twisted Tales because they allow them to create their own versions of the stories and bring their favourite characters to life. Twisted Tales teaches children listening skills, as well as risk management and decision-making.

What it does

Twisted Tales combines the best of e-books, audiobooks and video games to create something new and exciting: a Sonnarbook.

Twisted Tales are believed to be the world’s first stories where the reader can play as not only Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, but also, as the Big Bad Wolf or the Evil Witch, living the stories from their point of view!

How we built it

We are still learning development on Alexa platform - just got the first device and played with it for hours. Watched all available tutorials and example projects.

Story-wise - we hired a professional story writer. Sound-wise - we did casting with professional voice actors, hired an experienced sound engineer and musicians

Challenges we ran into

We found the 90 seconds SSML audio file limit quite challenging. Audio Player function cannot be used for interactive stories at the moment. We had to experiment with audio formats - the description provided on the website was not detailed enough

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First two stories have been developed and people love them!! We made it in 3 weeks - crunching but still ;)

What we learned

That Alexa devices can actually be used for interactive storytelling - kids love to listen to audio stories.

What's next for Twisted Tales

We started working on The Jungle Book - where you can play as Mowgli and other characters and play the story from their point of view.

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