What if the Big Bad Wolf didn’t eat Grandma? Ever wished your favorite fairy tale ended differently?

Our inspiration were Choose Your Own Adventure Books or Pick-a-path series. We love those stories and always wanted to move them into digital world - adding professional voice acting, music and sound effects.

We’ve been blown away by the feedback from children and parents playing our story.

Dr Jannie van Hees from the New Zealand Council for Educational Research calls the Red Riding Hood - Interactive Story “an admirable concept”. “Children love Red Riding Hood because it allows them to create their own versions of the story and bring their favorite characters to life. Twisted Tales teaches children listening skills, as well as risk management and decision-making.

What it does

Twisted Tales combines the best of e-books, audiobooks and video games to create something new and exciting: Interactive Audio Story.

Twisted Tales are believed to be the world’s first stories where the listener can play as not only Red Riding Hood but also as the Big Bad Wolf, living the stories from their point of view!

How we built it

We re-wrote the story by adding alternative paths and endings. We also added the whole story told from the Wolf's point of view.

Later we performed voice recordings in a home studio with our friends and their kids.

We also enriched the story with immersive sound effects and music.

Finally we found a talented illustrator to enhance the Alexa skill with unique visuals and images.

Challenges we ran into

We had to record some lines multiple times to get the right effect, some of our voice talents were really tired after whole day in the studio.

Learning APL was relatively easy but making all elements fitting together was a challenge - often the view in the simulator was different to real devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it - skill looks sound and looks great (organically tested with parents and their kids)

What we learned

That Alexa devices are perfect for interactive storytelling - kids love to listen to audio stories.

What's next for Twisted Tales

If you liked Red Riding Hood we will create an interactive version of The Jungle Book, where you will be able to decide if Mowgli was a boy or a girl (Mowgla), the plot would be different depending on that choice. Also, you would be able to play as Baloo and Bagheera. In each case you would make many decisions and discover multiple alternative paths and endings. Wouldn't that be great?

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