Inspiration I got inspired from the digital twin technology which allows one to interact with things, places in completely new way, and it can run on any device mobile, desktop, tablets even in a browser, VR headset

What it does It is a game based on digital twin of the museum, where people can interact with the museum virtually, see the information about the objects in a better way like stories, and have all the information about it at one place, and the best part is one grab the object if he uses the VR headset and can interact with it. People can leave notes and thoughts (in any format, video, audio, text) about it in a virtual space which different people can access and read it and can become a new platform for exchange of ideas

How I built it Using unreal engine which is a gaming engine

Challenges I ran into Developing such a game requires lot of work initially because we need to gather all the models and information to about objects and display in such a way that it does not confuse the person.

Accomplishments that I am proud of, I am proud of myself that being alone I was able to complete a rough prototype and deliver on time and in the end, I liked the idea I worked upon

What's next for Twineum Once the game is developed it can be extended even for physical experience, using the AR technology same information can be displayed in an interactive way, so instead of moving player in a device, one can move himself in physical space of museum and interact in the same way as one interacts in the game.

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