We noticed that there are lots of Machine Learning API and tools out in the market. So, we wanted to impement and learn one of the Machine Learning tools and then we came up with an idea to utilize Google Cloud Vision API backed by Google Firebase

What it does

It is an intelligent app in which you upload a photo of yourself then returns a list of images of people that look just like you according to Google who thinks you look alike

How I built it

Used React for Front-end and Firebase for database storage and management and Google cloud Vision for AI vision. We used the webDetection method, which picks up images that have similar attributes to the one uploaded

Challenges I ran into

Firebase and configuration. Deploying the firebase tools and Google Vision API into the project was a bit of a challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Persistence, Use of Google Cloud Computing tools

What I learned

Learned a lot about Google Cloud Computing, Firebase Real Time Database Management, React skills, Node js and deploying Real time database into our websites

What's next for Twin.AI

We plan to integrate some more AI visionary stuffs and make it more precise. We want to take the idea forward using Google Cloud vision rather than just finding a twin.

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