My friends enjoy when i leave little messages for them such as optimistic images at different times, they say it really does make them feel better. So the inspiration based of, of other previous projects as well was that you don't need to wait on a person you have a randomized text application that doesn't require internet (but does require service).

What it does

Using the Twilio API we are able to have access to a fake number and have a person text how they are feeling. Depending on the input there are a few different responses, for instance, if 'sad' it will send a message with a picture to make the person feel optimistic, if 'stressed' it will do the same but with a picture and message corresponding to the emotion. It might also be a temporary fix to boredom with limited supplies. To play the game part of the code, all you need is a phone that can text message. There are a few brain teasers that can be played.

How I built it

Using the Twilio tutorial provided online, we were able to set up the basis of the code in order to receive and send information. The rest was hard coding of (if,elif, and else statements), as well as searching of quotes, different pictures (url), and riddles etc.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to integrate the calling feature into the hack, the idea was (like in the demo) we wanted to take the phone numbers that had already texted the twilio fake number and gave a call back depending on the input. However, the set up for creating such a program was one that was too complicated and many did not know how to deal with. Also, something very difficult to do was to play an mp3 file on python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I now know how to use terminals because they are an essential part of Computer Science and I have quickly gone over it but never kept in my mind like the last few days. As well as, more familiar with what API's are and how to work with them. I'm also just proud of being able to create something that works.

What I learned

I learned how to use the twilio API more in depth, as well as learning how to use terminals with new downloads, and calling files etc.

What's next for Twill You Send Me a Message

Twill you Send Me a Message has great plans to up bring it's sister form Twill You Call. Basically the challenge we could not accomplish this time, will try to work on. The SMS numbers will be taken and based of the emotion inputted they will receive a phone call with a song or small music clipped suited for that emotion.

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