Inspired by, i wanted to start a commit streak and one challenge that I saw ahead was scenarios where I may not have internet or because of time zone differences, there was a chance of missing out on the streak. Yes, there are many alternate solutions like setting up code additions and commits in the future at specific times; but what if you forget to do so or you forgot to run a script and did not have a computer near you or even internet. Twilio API helps us fix that issue. A simple script is sufficient where one can provide one's Twilio credentials and server information and create a POST route with linux commands. But to make it a useful service, I decided to create a web interface around this script such that anyone with a Twilio account and access to a linux server can register to my web app and my backend will automatically deploy Twilix as a service on their server and ready for use :) And that is the feature that I am proud of where instead of giving instructions to the users to setup a web server and services such as gunicorn, supervisor etc., my backend would take care of all such steps and provide it as a service.

Initially I did not know who the target user would be but after talking to one of the mentors from Capital One, Timothy James Austen, we realized that normal users/developers will never want to give up their credentials unless I have pre-agreements with cloud hosting companies the way Stripe does it with banks. BUT system administrators are the perfect target users because all computers/servers setup are maintained by them in their respective company and so there will not be any issue of giving up server credentials since they are the one who provide it. It will also allow system admins to monitor their servers in case their are issues in which case the server can notify the sys admin via Twilio and he/she can take appropriate measure using linux commands via text messages (regardless of where he is).

The name Twilix was taken from a combination of Twilio and linux and also the fact that all systems that are Unix-based are popularly named with the last letter being 'x' :P

NOTE: I did not have time to deploy my server to a proper domain. For demos, I will be running my web server and the user's twilix server (After setup) on port 5000

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