We're all avid users of Twitter, and we were interested in the statistics behind tweets. We want to provide an easy-to-use and live service that allows anyone to search for a keyword and return information about that word. Using Twitter's Streaming API for live tweets, we are able to provide information such as a cumulative count of the number of times that word was used in a tweet since the user requested the information, the average number of tweets per minute that contains that word, and a graph that plots the number of times the keyword was used.

We developed both a mobile and a web application for TwiLive, so whenever you need to do research for a project, or just curious about tweets on the road, there is always a way for you to learn about your tweets.

  • Backend/Android- Java
  • Frontend/Web- HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery + animate.css + canvasjs
  • Database- MongoDB
  • Server- Microsoft Azure

https://github.com/osamajomaa/TwiLive (backend)
https://github.com/DigitalPerson/LiveTwitter (mobile)
https://github.com/cspanda/TwitterLive (web)

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