Text messaging is a form of communicate that has been integrated into our daily because it is convenient, easy, and quick. Illumina's goal is to give everyone accessibility to their own genome and Awaken's goal is to create a database that allows easy accessibility to information about their genome. What if I could take advantage of text messaging and Awaken's database. What if I could give everyone access to their own personal genome health interpreter in their pocket through a simple SMS?

What it does

Twiliome is a SMS bot that gets you your own personalized health data via a simple text message. It assesses your trait tendencies and risks for certain diseases and you get your own personalized information on your physical traits, personality, intelligence,

How I built it

The app is centered around providing custom health data to users in a quick and easy format. I connected Amazon Lex (and Lambda function) with Twillo's programmable SMS system to understand and respond to user requests. Then I integrated the Genome Link API to provide the necessary health data to the user.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding on the platform to initially deliver this information to the user was a challenge and used up a bit of time, where I initially wanted to make a web app, then a mobile app, to finally deciding that SMS would be the most convenient way for users to quickly access data. Additionally, it was my first time utilizing APIs with these three services, and I had a lot to learn along the way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To get a working prototype of how a user can quickly gauge their health info by sending in simple texts was a big achievement since I had to learn the integration along the way. Being able to integrate the genomic information was a big challenge that I am proud to have integrated.

What's next for Twiliome

I want to be able to give the users health suggestions based on their assessed risks. There is definitely room for growth in defining data sets for genomelink since we are under the assumption of everyone having their genome sequenced as well as improved learning for responses to create a more fluid experience.

Text "start" and "hi" to (619) 304-1880 for a demo.

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