Twilio Shopping List


This project was made for the 2019 UB Hackathon and incorporates the Wegmans and Twilio APIs, and uses the Google Cloud Platform.


In order to use this service, you will have to send SMS messages to this phone number: 585-471-6373.
The commands that can be used are:

  • "Look up a recipe and add it to my shopping list"
    Added the Grilled Guajillo Adobo Steak recipe to your shopping list:
    Food You Feel Good About Guajillo Pepper Adobo, divided,
    Wegmans Beef Flank Steak,
    Wegmans Pure Olive Oil

  • "Retrieve locations of all items in my shopping list"
    Shopping list
    Shopping List:
    Food You Feel Good About Guajillo Pepper Adobo, divided:
    Aisle: 15A
    Side: Left
    Shelf: 5
    Wegmans Beef Flank Steak:
    Aisle: Meat Case
    Side: None
    Shelf: 2
    Wegmans Pure Olive Oil:
    Aisle: 16A
    Side: Left
    Shelf: 3

Future Improvements and Limitations

  • Location is currently hardcoded to one Wegmans store. In the future the store's location shall be chosen through SMS.
  • Since the trial version of Twilio is used, responses are cut to a maximum of 1600 characters, and every number has to be verified to receive responses from this service.
  • An option to locate individual items shall be implemented in the future.

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