Our mission is to make family history more exciting and engaging for the whole family and preserve as many memories as possible for future generations.

The problem we’re solving

If you’re a genealogist then you’re passionate about your family history and you spend a lot of your spare time searching for hidden records and digging up documents and photos that will help you add more detail to your family tree.

However, what you find is probably not easy to share with the rest of your family. Most of your relatives are not as interested as you are - and trying to get them more interested by showing them lists of dates, legal documents and old photos of people they don’t recognise is probably not working very well for you?

There is a real risk that everything you've created will be lost, unless you can find some way of getting the rest of your family interested and engaged.

What is Twile?

Twile takes all of the data that’s hidden away behind your family tree and turns it into a rich, visual timeline - designed to make it much easier to share and explore your family history with the rest of your family, especially the younger generations.

The interactive timeline is made up of photos and milestones - such as births, marriages and deaths - which tell the story of your family from your earliest known ancestor to the youngest member of the family.

Genealogists can import their Gedcom file from their existing research tool (e.g. Ancestry) to automatically generate their Twile timeline and family tree. They can then add scanned images or recent digital photos and securely share the result with the rest of their family.

Twile is a collaboration tool, allowing everyone in your family (that you invite) to comment on your photos or add stories and milestones of their own. Designed with all generations in mind, Twile lets your whole family work together to build a single timeline of your complete family story. Parents with young families can record their children growing up, distant cousins can share stories of their common ancestors and younger relatives can explore all of this in a simple, intuitive app.

Twile is totally secure and private by default, but you can connect it to Facebook if you wish. This means that you can import photos and - if you want to let your friends see some of your family photos and stories - you can selectively share them outside of Twile.

Our business model

Twile is a web-based app (with mobile versions to follow soon) that works in any browser on any device. Since launching in April 2015, we have attracted 5000 registered users, including family historians and young parents. We have plans to increase this to 2 million users in the next 3 years.

We have recently introduced a paid subscription for Twile. After a 30-day trial, customers pay a $49.99 annual subscription to manage and build their timeline. We expect that around 10% of our registered users will become active, paying customers. Family members can explore the timeline without paying.

We've had an amazing response from family historians around the world and - having evolved the product based on their feedback - we are ready to focus on growth and revenue in 2016.

Who we are

Twile was founded by Paul Brooks and Kelly Marsden, both parents of young families. They wanted to find a way of recording their children growing up and to collect the memories of the grandparents, so that their children would be able to learn about their early years and family history. Having found no suitable product on the market, they decided to create one – an idea that evolved into the Twile family history timeline.

What’s next?

We have a long list of features that we’re planning to build into Twile, including support for audio and video uploads. We’re working on mobile apps, which we aim to launch in summer 2016 and will soon offer printed products through Twile - such as photobooks and calendars - which will give us another revenue stream.

We have recently added World Events to the timeline, allowing customers to view key events from history - such as World War 2 - and better understand their family’s history in the context of what was happening around them. We’re planning to add many more subjects, including politics, inventions and cinema.

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