Give power to ordinary cell Phone again.

What it does

Twiggle makes a simple text messenger as powerful as a mini search engine. A search engine that is functional without any cellular data. A user could search for a wide variety of services ranging from searching for the 5 best restaurants, repairing services, Bars and local businesses nearby, as well as know about its ratings, Distance to the restaurant and the cost of taking a Lyft ride to the venue. We have implemented an algorithm to show the highest rated and the lowest priced value services. The additional features allow us to even shop for things using the Walmart API.

How we built it

we started with setting up the Twilio API to send and receive texts from a registered number. The string was then parsed to interpret the various required services and was sent to the Yelp API as a key value and it returns the requested services or restaurants. After adding these features we implemented the Walmart API to allow users to just text what they need to shop. The algorithm fetches data from the most trending items API of Walmart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We will be able to better connect the world and include people who do not have access to smartphones or the internet.

What we learned

We learned that the texts can be used for so many varied purposes.

What's next for Twiggle

we plan to add features like movies, events, and emergency info services.

Built With

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