I love parks (Visiting my local park has honestly gotten me through some of my most stressful times), I love coding, and I want to teach computer science when I'm older, so a park-themed TwilioQuest Extension seemed like a wonderful way to help people learn to code while finding peace of mind.

What it does

The Twig-ioQuest Park TwilioQuest extension lets you explore a virtual park, take in the scenery, learn about for loops and how to use lists in JavaScript!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first hackathon and I hadn't worked with any programming language other than Java before this, so trying to pick it up in a couple of hours was certainly a challenge, but one I'm obviously glad to take.

Challenges I ran into

The objective validation didn't seem to work for me even before I had altered the extension template. Although I didn't have time to understand what the issue was, I still coded the validation methods which can be seen in my repo.

What's next for Twig-ioQuest Park TwilioQuest Extension

New maps(the library and more!), animated fountains, more puns, python challenges, and more are coming soon!

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