💡 Inspiration:

We as a developer love to exploring many website of tech or tools that can help our productivity, and when it comes to review is not a common thing we can see it directly on the website even there is a review about the product its often only including the good and common one, we also know twitter is have one of the most powerful community when it comes to a product because people just go tweet and say what they feel honestly about product they use. So basically we combine this two things to make twevvy where people can share their twitter community review in their website easily.

⚒️ How We Built It:

We built this application using react as the main framework, for styling itself we go with tailwind CSS. For our backend code which the one that gonna interact directly with the twitter API we using express js. For our this project we use 3 type of twitter API, tweet lookup for our custom tweet, search recent tweets for getting the tweet review data, and also users lookup to get the information about the product twitter profile

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