Our original inspiration were quarantine complaints about being “bored” and “not knowing what to do” in a long, isolated period of time. Also, it occurred to us that too many people are seeing time in quarantine or time at home as a “trap” or “punishment”, instead it should be viewed as a chance to spend some quiet time with yourself and become a better self. We have constructed this app to help people take this opportunity to cultivate good habits and self love to fight against potentially deteriorating physical and mental health from being in isolation.

What it does

Our app allows you to identify tasks you want to complete each day and keeps track of your progress. There are 4 areas you can choose from: Mental Health, Recreation, Self discipline, and Fitness and Health. Users can choose up to 10 tasks to add to their plan and a progress bar will display the number of consecutive days they have checked in on completing each task. If a task has not been ticked off within 24 hrs, the progress bar will go back to zero. Each cycle is set be 7 days. Our goal is to use a simple yet compelling way to encourage people to embrace healthy eating, sleeping, and learning habits, the list goes on.

How we built it

We built this ios app using xcode and swift. The personalised backgrounds and buttons were drawn with procreate.

Challenges we ran into

Since most of our group members come from a Data Science background, we have little experience in creating softwares and applications. Working with xcode and swift for the first time was indeed challenging and most content had to be self taught. Some of the functions in our are incomplete due to the time limit and

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We collaborated well as a team and came up with an concept that could provide a positive impact to the society.

What we learned

We managed to self learn basic functions of xcode and swift in a limited period of time.

What's next for TwentyOne

While the potential of this app currently lies in the impact it provides to the society by motivating healthy habits, we see business potential for the app by introducing new features in the future. The app can profit from introducing a premium version that offers personalised tasks, a custom plan, and the ability to change the background. We are also considering a refer your friends program to delay resetting a task back to zero days for the first time you have failed to complete it within 24 hours. We plan to contact influencers with a positive image and reputation to take part in a challenge to stop wasting time and make changes in 21 days. This concept communicates a sense of empowerment and provokes a desire to challenge oneself.

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