Internet has a huge amount of data. This makes it difficult to take a guess about something or compare two entities. Our inspiration for creating Twender was to create a tool which makes it easier for the user to take better decisions.

What it does

Twender provides the user with an adumbration of the society's opinions in a single click. It does so by collecting large number of feeds from Twitter based on searched topic, analyzes them and then classifies them into different polarities(positive, negative,neutral). Other than that it also provides the user with detailed reports on what's trending through the popularity meter. Apart from this, there is a functionality meter which compares two things based on what's trending. All you have to do is type in your word. Just type in anything trending like Amazon or trump etc...

How we built it

we built it using flask, tweepy, python, html, css, Javascript

Challenges we ran into

How we are going to compare two entities based on tweets

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Comparitive analysis

What we learned

we learned a lot while creating this. As none of the members were too familiar with UI so we made it a point to learn it for this project (though we still believe we can improve a lot in our UI wrt this project too)

What's next for Twender

1)Improve UI and make it more responsive
2) Providing users the option to comment
3) Adding opinions which are location-specific


*working on responsiveness,
*UI only compatible with big screens not mobile

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