As the volume of Tweets are increasing drastically day by day, it is becoming difficult to keep track of all the Tweets of your interests by looking into the Twitter home page only. To be updated on all the tweets related to a specific topic (keyword/hashtag), you have to perform a manual search. Though Twitter provides the facility to save search terms, but the limit for that is only 25 per user.

To overcome the difficulty, TweetyGear allows you to save as many search terms as you want on your Android mobile and then browse the recent Tweets grouped by your favourite search terms on Gear 2 anytime and anywhere, while relaxing or on your way to work or in public transport.


  1. Add favourite search terms and swipe to delete the search terms (if needed) using TweetyGear on Android mobile.

  2. TweetyGear on Gear 2 instantly updates the list of your saved search terms.

  3. Select a search term on Gear 2 and it will show you the recent tweets containing the selected search term.

To do in future: User will be able to Retweet, Follow and Save as Favourite Tweet using TweetyGear on Gear 2.

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