Users that have cryptocurrency may not know when to keep the currency or sell it. Our application will help the user decide what they should do with their cryptocurrency. They can also view graphs about the cryptocurrency Twitter data.

What it does

A user identifies himself with an RFID tag and the application uses facial recognition to verify that you are the user. Using Google Text to Speech it tells the user the balance of their cryptocurrency and if it is positive or negative sentiment. The application will text the user a pin code, that the user can type into the keypad to also access their information.

How we built it

We used AWS (EC2, RDS, Route 53, Recognition S3). For our graphs we used d3.js. We collected the Twitter data by creating a script that would collect data and analyze the sentiment of the data to use for our graphs and what the user should do with their cryptocurrency.

Challenges we ran into

We collected so much data for 24 hours we couldn't process the data in real time in the browser. We struggled with javascript because none of us specialize in it. We wanted to collect the geolocations of tweets about cryptocurrency and map them in real-time, but crypto enthusiasts are averse to geotagging their tweets :/

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was our first time scraping Twitter for data. We love the idea of the wallet telling you its time to sell or "hodl" your crypto.

What we learned

Node and NPM are awesome and we need to learn more.

What's next for Tweety Wallet

Automated Selling, Real-time Chart, Website design

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