As software engineers/ Common computer users, we find it time-consuming to open the applications or do manual tasks again and again. Here's where I have decided to reduce this time to the extent possible

What it does

Tweety assists the user by performing common computer tasks to complex API-related tasks which can reduce the user interaction time with manual/ Routine tasks on the computer/PC/Laptop. It can also help reduce the time by assisting the participants during a hackathon where they would be busy with other multiple tasks.

How we built it

Here in this project, I have used python modules such as Speech Recognition, pyttsx3,Wikipedia, WolframAlpha, ecapture, Twilio, winshell, pyjokes, pyaudio for the program to function and give us the desired output that helps reduce the time spent on routine activities. For further information, Here is the GitHub repository of the project:

Challenges we ran into

I had module installation challenges in the initial stage of the project due to version incompatibilities but later resolved them by upgrading/downgrading the module versions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcame the challenges of module installations and created a requirements.txt file and also a package manager instance which would simplify the installation process for the end users.

What we learned

I have learned the programming concepts, paradigms, Python modules usage, and coding conventions

What's next for Tweety - Virtual Voice Assistant

Currently, we are in the development phase for dockerizing the application so that it can be deployed into a remote server and can be run online

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