We understand that based on social media and AI we gain a lot of insights based on what reviews/pictures of opinions people have. Companies use social media to gain insights into how their product is performing if staff members are giving proper service etc. While social media is a great way to gain insights, companies officially collect data on their own to do the same. Both these data can be compared and analysed to understand where the company is faltering in delivery. Our goal is Making a business-specific platform where insights from both sources can be compared, limited to the scope of the organization. The admin will be able to use the applications other features such as note-taking as well as filtering as well.


1) Filter Tweets: Real time tweets are taken and can fetched using a filter for emotion/sentiment/word/No. of likes etc

2)Dynamic Social media Graphs: Real time data is fetched and analyzed using several algorithms

3)Dynamic dataset based Graphs: Company collects data, if the schema is fixed a dataset can be uploaded, which will be analyzed using an AI model used from hugging face and we will also get statistical graphs from it

4)Twilio: Messaging service used to track and remember insights.

How we built it

1)Statistical Analysis

2)Predictive Analysis -Sentimental analysis -Emotional analysis -Hugging Face Table Models

3)Graphical Analysis

4)Twitter and Twilio API

Challenges we ran into

Completing the project was a huge challenge. Especially the feature which filters twitter tweet by word, sentiment etc. It was a very innovative concept and consumed a lot of time when we go stuck

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The filter tweets feature. It is extremely innovative and we love it.

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