TweetTrees is a twitter bot that increases online engagement with #TeamTrees project, tracks and projects progress, and allows users to easily follow up on a cause they are passionate about. #teamtrees is a community effort to plant 20 million trees around the world by January 2020.

Every half an hour, our twitter bot tweets the current number of trees planted, percentage of goal completed and a predicted completion date.

We built TweetTrees by first web scraping the #teamtrees website, then we created a database, collection and live chart with MongoDB Atlas, and lastly, we displayed and shared the information using a twitter bot that tweets half an hour.

A challenge that we faced was getting the linear regression from our data points for our predicted completion date.

We learned how to combine web scraping, MongoDB Atlas, and a twitter bot in order to create a meaningful application that encourages people to donate and promotes sustainability for the Earth.

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