Inspiration: The main inspiration behind this project was to create a platform where any user can manage the content on the basis of his/her set of preferences and interests.

What it does: I have developed a website that let users view content on the basis of their preferred categories. The user will select the category of his interest and all the content related to that category will be displayed. Moreover, they can also see the trends going on in their country/worldwide. Our website also allows users to keep track of upcoming events/spaces.

How we built it: This website consists of 2 parts. Front-end and backend. I have developed the front-end in React JS and the backend in Flask.

Challenges we ran into: The main challenge was to go through the Twitter API documentation to use their endpoints efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I am very happy that I have completed this website.

What we learned: I have learned a lot about Twitter API features and new technologies.

What's next for Tweeting Content: I will be looking forward to your developers' conference coming in November and would love to work on Twitter projects in the future.

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