Tweetee was created by Devin Mancuso and Justin Frost for the ChallengePost Summer Jam 'Connect with your team' Online Hackathon Series.

Tweetee is a fun little project to turn sporting highlights into merchandise as they happen, allowing fans to create awesome one-of-a-kind merch to support their team and express their creativity and fandom.

How it works

  • Users search for a keyword or hashtag.
  • We return all the images from relevant tweets using the Twitter API
  • Users can then edit an image by resizing or adding text
  • We then post the image data to the Rapanuistore API and present the user with a storefront where they can buy their custom one-of-a-kind shirt.

What's next for Tweetee

  • Improve state handling for loading screens and error states.
  • Improve response handling for API errors
  • Ability for users to share their product page url via other social networks
  • Improvements to the image search function to ensure more images are returned for each search, currently limited to searching the first 100 tweets.
  • Autocomplete search results for popular sporting team official hashtags

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