Started off by trying to form the most ridiculous project for the Morgan Stanley challenge. Looked at old radios and gameboys for inspiration for the design. Attempted to make the UX as hard and confusing as possible, so as to qualify for the Retro x Unorthodox controls.

What it does

TweetBox is capable of receiving input from the user and communicating with twitter. It shows the latest tweet belonging to the username introduced in the input phase, whilst also using Sentiment Analysis to categorize the tweet in its respective category.

How we built it

We used an Intel Edison coupled with a LCD display and 3 buttons. The casing was made out of cardboard over a very lengthy period of time. We used two(?) heroku endpoints to host the sentiment analysis and the twitter crawler. Developed the functionality of the Edison in arduino.

Challenges we ran into

Making it worse than it is now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that the design and the overall look of TweetBox are absolutely fabulous.

What we learned

A lot

What's next for TweetBox

Will probably be disassembled and it's expensive pieces returned to the MLH grave. ;_;

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